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Win-Win PR Philosophy

"Hell, there no rules here. We're trying to accomplish something." – Thomas A. Edison

…and the No. 1 accomplishment here is to help clients reach their goal, whether it's profitability, change or inspiring a movement.

It can be about the bottom line, image, perception, awareness, influence through engagement with key stakeholders, media exposure – it all leads to measurable results. Outcomes reflected in passionate customers, evangelists, zealots for your products and services who help attract and engage others.

That translates to higher room occupancy, more attendance, favorable ADR, increased rounds of golf and memberships, additional real estate sales, more interest, buzz and customers. It also means creatively and effectively positioning your business to increase recognition, branding and purpose.

Delving into the toy box of life to promote the serious business of fun. Tourism, events, recreation, golf, real estate.

That's our elevator pitch. When someone thought that sounded flippant, we knew they wanted to play the cards close to the vest and by the rules which got us running.

How can't you like the word, "delve" anyway? It represents enthusiastically digging and thrashing about until you find what you're looking for, the treasure.

The "toy box of life" is our chosen work path: travel, tourism, golf, special events. Who has the nicest garden in the neighborhood? The person who loves gardening. Same with PR. This is the field we have always enjoyed. Because it's interesting, fun and pleasurable makes us more passionate about our calling.

About Us

"The race will go to the curious, the slightly mad, and those with an insatiable passion for learning and dare deviltry." – Tom Peters, Author

You want the folks at your Public Relations firm to know your business, have a track record of success, provide constant enthusiasm, creativity and pride that helps increase your bottom line. With Weidinger PR you'll also get a straight-shooter, sometimes informal and light-hearted – there's no reason this shouldn't be fun, and always thoughtful. Your association with us is a partnership, one we value and work to develop toward mutual respect and confidence.

Sure, we've won numerous awards for campaigns on behalf of our clients – don't worry, we won't list the 35+ here, besides, "We'd pat ourselves on the back but both hands are already there!" (You can see we like quotes, and I'd attribute that one, but have no idea from where it emanated.)

While awards are nice and recognize professional success and status, we judge our greatest achievements by helping clients reach their goals. Here, firm success is measured when a client renews a contract because our partnership helped move the needle.


"From time to time little men will come along to find fault with what you have done…they will go down the stream like bubbles, they will vanish; but the work you have done will remain for the ages." – Theodore Roosevelt

The quote above comes from the best biography I've read, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, a Pulitzer Prize winner by Edmund Morris.

OK, while TR winning a Nobel Peace Prize, building the Panama Canal, and setting direction for America toward an industrialized world power truly are works that remain for the ages, daily efforts and accomplishments in our chosen fields and personal lives are collectively what makes the world go round and over the years becomes individually meaningful, if not heroic.

Yes, we can be fiercely independent – or teasingly affiliated with that fine German trait, "determination," but only when it comes to doing the finest work for our clients. No shortcuts, thorough, toward the pursuit of perfection. (No, we won't even try to claim that, but it's always the goal.) Call it pride, call it professionalism, call it Weidinger Public Relations.

JANUARY 7-10, 2015


Kevin Lemanowicz, WFXT Boston, interviews 2014 keynote 
Dr. Bill Collins at Heavenly Mountain Resort.
  Live feeds from the mountain top along with interviews, skiing and guest speakers.

2013 Keynote speaker, Dr. Chris Field, addresses the conference at Harveys Lake Tahoe.
The storm is brewing in South Lake Tahoe - Operation Sierra Storm

Dr. James Hansen, former Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and Adjunct Professor at Columbia University's Earth Institute, in Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions. Designated in 2006 by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people on Earth.

Bernice Notenboom, climate journalist, science writer, speaker, and the first woman to reach the North, South, and Cold Pole, (in Siberia).

Josh Willis, oceanographer and project scientist on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Jason-3, a series of satellite missions, launching in 2015, measuring the height of the ocean surface.

Gregory Corbin, warning coordination meteorologist, NOAA; Storm Prediction Center Operations and the increasing role of social science applications

For biographies:

Registration: or contact Weidinger Public Relations, 775-588-2412
Jenn Boyd
Phil Weidinger
South Lake Tahoe, CA/Stateline, NV

Jan. 7-10, 2015
Wednesday, Jan. 7, Arrival/Welcome Reception
Thursday, Jan. 8, Conference speakers, presentations; on mountain live shots
Friday, Jan. 9, Conference speakers, presentations; on mountain live shots
Saturday, Jan. 10, Departures

Ongoing Education
• NWS endorsed; earn educational credits

Programming: live satellite weathercasts, taped, B-roll
• Satellite trucks: network experienced producer and crews
• B-roll to complement broadcasts and live shots

  • Revitalization renaissance of "Best Ski
    Destination" Lake Tahoe (USA Today readers, Jan. 2014)
  • Snowmaking: latest science and technology, why resorts are investing
  • Economic impacts of ski industry on

Networking Opportunities
• Leading scientists, educators, peers

WPR Crew captures five awards for stellar work at PRSA
  Pictured at left are Phil Weidinger, Erin Leith Frederic, Tiara Wasner and Jenn Boyd.